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Merillat Cabinets

Your home is a manifestation of your personal style. With premium cabinets from Merillat, you’ll find a wealth of ideas to create beautiful and functional spaces for the way you live. And our uncompromising quality ensures that you’ll love your Merillat cabinetry for years to come. Browse Craftwood Products gallery of inspiring and stylish Merillat cabinet designs to help you get started on creating the space you’ll love to call home.

Superior quality and extraordinary customer service even after delivery and installation are some attributes that separates a Merillat Cabinetry kitchen from the rest. Craftwood Products is an exclusive marketer of Merillat kitchen cabinets because of the quality products the company have in stock. If you have not explored the Merillat kitchen cabinet doors, Merillat cabinet parts, classic cabinets from Merillat or have a view of Merillat cabinets catalog from Craftwood website, you are missing a lot.