Fire Rated Doors

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Fire Rated Doors
The proliferation of electronic gadgets and more synthetic materials used domestically has made our homes to be susceptible to fire. The devastating impact of fire on the building cannot be overemphasized. That’s why it’s vital to install building components that will minimize the spread of fire in the building. This will help to reduce the number of casualties during any fire outbreak. Residential fire outbreaks are becoming rampant due to the carelessness of some occupants or failure of electrical components. The spread of fire is worsened where there are some synthetic materials in the building like rugs, fiber pillows, curtains. Hence, when a fire starts, burning is faster and hotter than ever.

It is only the professionals that can advise you on a particular fire rated door to install in your house. The ability of doors to withstanding the spread of fire can be categorized according to the strength of materials, intensity of fire, location and capacity of the building. Therefore, we have different ratings but for smaller areas, the rating can be as little as 20 to 30 minutes. The larger the area to protect, the higher the rating should be. There are fire ratings that are as high as 120 minutes, recommended for public buildings like Churches, Mosque, hospitals, hostels, and Museums.

The specific function of fire rated door is to control or reduce the spread of fire. The presence of fire rated doors in any building where there is a fire outbreak would lessen the danger of a quick fire spreading. Anything that can prevent it spreading too rapidly would be appreciated by people inside a burning building. There were many times in the past, according to the recollection of fire survivors, when they had been spared from imminent death by fire doors. Thus, we recommend that fire rated doors are not only required for buildings but also in homes where there is an adjacent garage. Fire usually starts in garages, and it is vital for a residential structure to separate the garage area through a door that can withstand burning.

Hence, should a fire break out, the fire rated doors would offer few minutes of essential protection. This will enable the people inside the structure to call for help from fire rescue groups in the community. This can assist in putting the fire out and reduce the number of casualties. However, if it is anticipated that the distance of the building to that of a fire service agency can cause much delay, fire doors must be installed on such premises. This will allow people move to a safer area outside the building by blocking the spread of fire or providing a safe passage away from the building through an exit door, usually at the back of the building. You are advised to get a fire rated door to ensure the safety of inhabitants of your building.