Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors

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An entry door must be inviting, with a unique message about the people who live in the house. That is why you should go for a modern front door that is beautiful with good functional attributes and security.

You should have in mind that the exterior door is the first thing visitors see when they come to your home, so if it is in disarray or need of repair it will be noticed. If you are interested in making a lasting impression, the different types of external doors we have will offer a new look and feel that you can be proud of. A good set of exterior doors can be an essential focal point in your home. These doors tend to show their age prematurely because they are always exposed to heavy wear and the elements. Therefore, you need to be careful while making your purchase. It has been found that over time Craftwood Products provide the ultimate in strength and can hold up well under many environmental conditions.

If you are an individual with a class, you will understand that nothing compares to the experience of having a quality exterior door. Quality doors are found to offer years of comfort and protection from major wind gusts, storms, hail, and straight-line winds as well. Most are found to last longer than ten years and only require little maintenance upkeep too. Other advantages of having external quality doors are Durability, Efficiency, Quality, Visual Appeal Come In an Array of Color Choices, Freedom of Choice Apart from being the best doors regarding security, our wide range of Exterior Front & Back Doors comes with unique styles including glazed and paneled options in materials ranging from softwood & hardwood to metal, composite & PVCU.

When it comes to PVCU doors, you should not compromise quality, whether made of wood, aluminum, timber, or plastic, quality should be your watchword before making your choice. This is why We are in a different class altogether. Be it safety, noise, or energy efficiency that is required, our doors meet the most rigorous demands of today’s market.

Another benefit our customers enjoy is the ability to personalize their exterior door. You will have access to our unique catalog that will help you in making the right choice by providing many options, right down to the type of door handle you want to choose from. Even the components can be modified like the glass can even be etched if you’d like; regarding sizes, designs, and styles there is a wide range of external doors to choose from. You may opt for the more conventional wooden exterior doors or go for the more modern high-tech alternatives constructed out of fiberglass composites and steel. It is solely the homeowner’s choice of what they decide to go with, but the alternatives are endless.

Don’t be scared to browse the different types of external doors we have in our gallery; the prices are very affordable because we categorized the buying powers of different homeowners, combining efficiency, quality, and affordability to our external doors. Because of the strength of materials used in constructing our doors, they are highly valued by elderly homeowners. Go ahead and make your purchase, we promise you to have peace-of-mind.

Custom Doors Don’t Have to Be Expensive
Exterior wood entry doors by Craftwood Doors & Windows create the ultimate first impression. Combined with the other elements of architecture, landscaping, lighting,, and perspective, a luxury door will always stand out. Interior wooden doors such as our wine cellar doors, island lifestyle doors, paradise doors, wooden custom doors, and mahogany interior doors complete the look of individuality and sophistication for our customers and clients.

Custom Doors
Our design processes use the latest technology to turn your dream wooden door into reality. From out trained designers, to our revolutionary kiln-drying process which dries your custom wooden doors to the optimal moisture level based on your geography, Craftwood Doors & Windows wooden doors go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Luxury Doors
Once your luxury door has been designed, it is up to the artists and craftsmen to use the knowledge their fathers and grandfathers have passed down through the generations to create a work of art, and transformative experience for your guests. Anyone can make an exterior wooden door, only Craftwood Doors & Windows can create an entranceway that reflects your personality, custom doors that will last.

Wooden Doors
If you just cannot come up with that one-of-a-kind design yourself, Affinity Doors is also proud to offer its Designer and Specialty Series of custom doors, wooden entry doors, luxury doors, custom wrought iron doors, and glass specialty doors, with hundreds of designs to choose from, which can be modified by our designers to create something truly unique.