Wood Doors

Exterior Wood Doors
The above is an old saying portraying the ‘door’ as part of the human body through which happiness can be accessed. It is meant for you to know the importance of doors. Once you read or hear about doors, your mind will assume or picture a wooden door. That will let you know how old and significant the wooden door is to human beings no matter their race, age, or religion.
Although heavy metal doors and doors made with fiberglass are becoming familiar to the newer generation. But all of us knows and also believes the saying “old is gold,” wood is truly back in demand. Homeowners prefer Wood doors after using other types of doors. The question now is; why are wooden doors regaining its popularity?

Most people go for solid wood doors nowadays because it is available in various designs to choose from including those made up of one solid piece of timber, or vertical wood panels, as well as from rails or horizontal wood pieces. Although they have a tendency to shrink and swell. It is for this reason that solid wooden doors are made with rails and stiles which help to strengthen the wood and stop it from swelling, shrinking and warping.

Wood has great insulation qualities, and you should know that good insulation in interior doors is every important as in their exterior counterparts. Air is trapped in the air pockets in wood allow it to maintain the temperature within the entire building. The ability to maintain temperature during winter makes it better than metal doors that become too cold to touch. The wooden doors can help in a situation where your heater is no longer functional, Keeping you warm and fortified. In addition, to that greater energy efficiency is achieved, helping to lower household bills. Insulation is not constrained to just heat and the ability to condition air. Remember that sound can also pass through lower quality doors and disturb the peace of inhabitants of the building. Therefore, Investing in high quality, wood doors can help to manage the sound coming from the neighborhood so that it can be confined to where it wants to be heard.

There are some things you should put under consideration before selecting a wood door. The most important thing is to determine or have a pre-knowledge of the type of timber that was used to manufacture the door. History is favorable to Mahogany because it is considered the best option and excels in look, insulation and longevity. Pinewood can also be seen as a superb choice. Your choice of wood depends on your budget. While mahogany is of high quality, it is also expensive. Pine on its own is very affordable.

Exterior doors are constantly exposed to rain, sun, wind and dirt, which may lead to expansion and cracks on the door. Such situations can often be seen during the winter or rainy seasons in temperate areas. The excess wood might be trimmed to enable you to open and close the door easily. Exposure to such weather conditions might affect the color of the wooden door. Once it is noticed, get it fixed by either painting or polishing that particular region. Wooden doors are very easy to maintain once you know what to do and the right time to do it.