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Emtek Key in Levers / Knobs
Emtek provides a wide range of Key in Knob and Key in Lever cylinders to give you maximum security and fit into your style. Craftwood Products understands that while decorating your home, you certainly want to have the latest and best accessories to make your home appealing. That was the reason why we choose to market Key in Knob and Key in Levers manufactured by Emtek.

Emtek products have obtained popularity all over the United States because of their suitability and quality. Get these key in lever knobs and keyed lever door handles on the doors of your home so they can be outfitted with tempting hardware to entice your visitors and give your home that exceptional look you have been longing for.

Keyed entry door knobs and levers by Emtek, with key and thumb turn lock styles are unique. Browse this large selection of door knobs and levers that is ideal for your exterior doors to make your choice as a homeowner, designer or ordinary user.