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Schlage Deadbolt Locks
Grab the Schlage deadbolt locks and experience optimum security in your home. Schlage products are the most secured locks of all times in the deadbolt locks category. The deadbolt lock is a unique lock mechanism quite different from the spring-bolt lock. It is almost impossible to move the deadbolt lock to its open position without rotating its lock cylinder. That’s why it’s the only protection between your house and a burglar when you are away.

Craftwood Products are exclusive marketers of Schlage deadbolt locks. We have Schlage home keypad deadbolt, digital deadbolt, Schlage touchscreen deadbolt, Schlage commercial deadbolt, Schlage electronic deadbolt, Schlage keyless deadbolt and other Schlage unique door hardware’s. We believe that, the stronger the lock, the more secure you are from a theft. No lock is 100% secure but we do prefer a lock which is more difficult to break and which does not let anyone gain a forced entry inside your home with ease. The Schlage deadbolt locks are highly recommended for Homeowners, designers, real estate and hospitality investors.