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Marvin Wood Ultrex Series
Marvin is an innovative leader in producing quality windows and Doors. With the revolution of Wood-Ultrex Series windows and doors, the Marvin and Integrity group has taken quality to another level. The beauty and elegance they add to the exterior of any building is unimaginable, you need to have the experience of visualizing it. Indeed, the stable nature of these windows ensures consistent operation and performance. Ultrex is extremely robust and prevents excessive contraction and expansion. These windows have the strength to withstand hail, rain, wind and even flying objects.
Marvin windows are premium priced, and very affordable. The products are exclusively marketed by Craftwood product, with decent range of hardware options and nice exterior colors.
In comparison to other wooden products, wood- Ultrex series is unmatchable. This is a dream come true for homeowners, designers and real estate experts.