All Ultrex Round Top

The All Ultrex Series Round Top is constructed of a glass reinforced composite capped with Integrity ® Windows and Doors’ acrylic finish technology. The dynamic windows are a great way to top off any project and are available as true half rounds, half rounds above springline and eyebrow above springline configurations. Choose from three installation options, six exterior colors and several glass options to create an individual unit or pair your Round Top with another All Ultrex product to create a unique assembly.


  • Glass reinforced composite material complements Ultrex’s performance in a radius profile.
  • Acrylic capping technology delivers consistent finish and durability in all six All Ultrex ® Series exterior colors.
  • Available nailing fin, installation bracket and through jamb installation.
  • Perforated folding radius nailing fin provides for simple installation and proper water management.
  • Available factory and field mulling options.

Get tough

Durable doesn’t begin to describe how tough Ultrex is. Strong, stable, and virtually indestructible, Ultrex is quite possibly the perfect building material, creating windows and doors that leave other materials in the dust.

Made from pultruded fiberglass, Ultrex outperforms the competition on nearly every measure. Non-conductive and non-corrosive, Ultrex resists the ravages of heat, cold, time and pressure to provide the most worry-free windows and doors available today.

Pioneered by Marvin ® , Ultrex has what it takes — from its durability and performance characteristics, to its first-to-market ingenuity — to create products of incomparable value.

Low-maintenance and high-durability. Everything you want your home to be, and everything that Ultrex delivers.

Stay true

Ultrex ® also stands up mightily to rain, wind, heat and time, looking beautiful and performing well long after other window and door materials have lost their luster.

The strength of Ultrex also translates into superior stability. Ultrex is more rigid than vinyl and vinyl/wood composites. So issues of instability and less-than-perfect alignment that can complicate installation — and long-term performance — are not a concern with Integrity ® windows and doors

The exceptional strength and stability of Ultrex eases installation and establishes a secure, long-lasting fit that stays square and true even under the most punishing conditions.

Built to Perform ®.
It’s more than our tagline, it is our promise to you. Ultrex is so resilient, it outperforms and outlasts vinyl and vinyl/wood composites, time and time again. Strong yet light, Ultrex provides sturdy, reliable support from top to bottom, end to end.


Eighty years of innovation and uncompromising product performance standards: that’s the legacy of Marvin Windows and Doors. And it’s why we build energy efficiency into every Integrity ® from Marvin product.

A history of integrity.
Marvin has a long history of product innovations, industry firsts and commitment to community. Integrity Windows and Doors takes pride in the fact that our corporation is green-minded with recycling efforts and employee awareness. In addition, we incorporate green components into our product packaging and even our distribution process.
Beyond that, being green is also about conserving energy — and Integrity is energy efficient. Not only are the products extremely durable, Integrity from Marvin was the first major window and door manufacturer to offer its ultra durable Ultrex ® energy-efficient Low E2 insulated glass with Argon and ENERGY STAR ® qualified performance on all of its standard windows and doors.
Today, Marvin is credited with several industry firsts and is recognized for innovative products
and uncompromising product performance standards. Third- and fourth-generation Marvin family members remain actively involved in the company and keep the original spirit of corporate responsibility alive today.
Superior performance you can feel good about.
At Integrity, sustainability is part of the manufacturing philosophy: make a product able to withstand the power of the great outdoors, while preserving the natural resources from which it was made.

  • Ultrex is made from silica sand, a safe and renewable natural resource.
  • The Ultrex manufacturing facility captures and destroys 95% of all VOCs.
  • The Ultrex manufacturing facility fully complies with the 1990 Clean Air Act and has been designated as a Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) facility as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • The glass in our products contains 15%–33% recycled content.
  • Integrity products offer ENERGY STAR qualified performance.
  • Even more green awards and information at

Shine on

Stellar energy performance ratings.
The NFRC defined an energy performance rating system for the entire window and door industry. It rates:

  • U-factor, or how well a window keeps heat inside a building.
  • Solar heat gain, or a window’s ability to block warming caused by sunlight.
  • Visible light transmittance, or how much light gets through a product.
  • Air leakage or heat loss and gain by infiltration through cracks in the window assembly.

Fortunately, Ultrex is far less conductive than aluminum and is similar to wood and to PVC. It provides an insulated barrier against extreme weather temperatures, keeping homes comfortable, and reducing heating and cooling costs.

The National Fenestration Rating Council, the Department of Energy, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency were all
impressed, so much so that Integrity ® Windows and Doors received one of the highest performance ratings.


Interior Finishes: Comes standard in Stone White.
Exterior Finishes: Stone White, Cashmere, Pebble Gray, Bronze, Evergreen or Ebony. All are paintable without affecting the durability.

Stone White (exterior and interior)

Cashmere (exterior)

Pebble Gray (exterior)

Bronze (exterior)

Evergreen (exterior)

Ebony (exterior)



Hardware Finishes

Integrity ® window and door hardware is available in five finish options: White, Almond Frost, Brass, Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Integrity door hardware also features PVD metal finishes and are available with keyed locking cylinders.


Almond Frost


Satin Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Accessibility Options

Vent Stop

32″ Handle

Opening Control Device

Non-Operable Lock

Sash Limiter