Building Barn Door

Barn doors can be utilized in many different ways to add architectural interest in the right space and solve a ton of spaces problems.

Ah, the barn door. It seems nothing has captured homeowners imaginations as much as a rolling door system since French doors came onto the scene. Made of nearly any material you can think of, barn doors can add character and style to any space. Whether you go rustic with wrought iron or streamlined with steel, the hardware options are also seemingly endless.

1. Pick any door style

2. Choose Hardware

The Set include all mounting hardware and hanging components needed for one door. The high density wheels provide smooth, quiet operation and high quality feel.

Each Kit Contents

  • 1 x Rail (78-3/4″ long) Hardware Kit
  • 2 x Strap
  • 5 x Wall spacer
  • 2 x Anti-jump Block
  • 1 x Right stopper
  • 1 x Left stopper
  • 5 x 5/16 Carriage bolt (8mm x 60mm) with anchor
  • 5 x 5/16 Wall screw (8mm x 90mm)
  • 2 x #8 Floor screw (4.2mm x 35mm)
  • 2 x 1/4 Floor anchor (6mm)
  • 1 x Internal floor-mounted door guide
  • 1 x Wall-mounted door guide
  • 2 x Floor-mounted door guide
  • 1 x Instructions



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