Flush Doors

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Flush Doors

Flush doors are pretty much the simplest interior doors you can get – flat on both sides, they are therefore easy to paint to stamp your own style on them. Flush doors have become extremely common for this reason, as well as the fact that can be easily adjusted to fit any door frame – you’ll easily be able to get a flush door to your exact measurements.

Flush doors can come in two formats- solid core or hollow core. These terms are self explanatory – solid flush doors are heavier and often used as fire doors because of this, whereas hollow flush doors are more light-weight because, as the name suggests, they are hollow inside. Ultimately, it is down to personal preference as to which one you pick, as both are a great choice for those who want a no-frills door that can easily be painted.

Our flush doors are an excellent choice for a modern, classic look and a perfect option for small budget renovations.