Pixel Window

New PIXEL Window

A perfect combination of elegance, aesthetics and modern technology, providing up to 22% more light in a room.

6-chambered profile

PIXEL has 6-chambered frame profiles and A-class sashes (casing – 70mm wide, frame 74 mm wide).
In spite of the slender window profiles, the technical and operational parameters of the PIXEL
system arehighly advanced.

Glass sealed unit

An optional triple glazing unit with a heat transfer coefficient of Ug=0,5 W/m2K ; Uw=0,8-1,2 W/m2K.

Profile reinforcements

Profile reinforcements The window has been equipped with an original bent-steel reinforcement
which ensures a rigid and stable structure, as well as allowing the design of oversize windows

Winkhaus ProLight fittings

Ensure the easy operation of sashes and guarantee increased protection against uncontrolled closure.

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Advantages of PIXEL Windows

1. The original, more slender and more elegant
profile highlights the nature of the interior.

2 Unique shape, external angles 4°, 90 degree
glazing bead.

3. As opposed to traditional profiles, larger glass
surfaces ensure lower consumption of energy
required to heat the room, thanks to increased
amounts of heat entering the room through
the pane.

4. Glazing based on the latest production
technology ensure increased amounts
of natural light in the room, which has
a positive impact on your mood.

5. The original reinforcement system allows
the design of fashionable and large glazing,
and also guarantees durability and defect-free
use of the window.

6. A unique glass gasket finishing at an angle
of 45°, a glazing strip in harmony with
the sash curvature and special window
end caps.

7. The capability of using ColorFull technology
that ensures a solid colour and structure on
the entire window surface.

8. The ability to design terrace doors based
on PSK, PSK-Z and PSK Atrium systems


Comfort and functionality PACKAGE

The comfort and functionality package includes accessories and solutions that will tailor our products to your exact needs. With solutions like lowered balcony threshold, sliding window or a special exterior lock on balcony doors, Oknoplast windows will meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients.


One of the main objectives we set for our products is to provide a sense of security in the house or flat. By choosing safety package solutions, you will improve your windows’ burglary resistance and also reduce the risk of injury with special glazing resistant to breakage

Durability PACKAGE

Our main objective for the durability package was to ensure the maximum stability and durability of the window components. Our clients can choose additional galvanised steel reinforcement, extremely durable gaskets and advanced fittings.

Aesthetics PACKAGE

The window is one of the key elements of an interior and often has decorative purposes. Our solutions will give each window a unique character, i.e. through the very wide colour selection of window frames, colourful gaskets or ornamental glass panels.

Thermal insulation PACKAGE

Ensuring that the room stays warm is one of the key tasks of the window. In this package, we are offering a special gel-filled thermal spacer that will improve insulation, as well as specially designed sealed glazing units and extremely durable gaskets.

We provide access to BIM facilities

From now Oknoplast supports architects and designers at the early stage of planning BIM objects for ARCHICAD