Passage / Privacy Levers

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Emtek Passage / Privacy Levers
Emtek is a well-known company for their technologies and efficiency in designing passage privacy lever products with preferable features for the users. Passage privacy levers doesn’t have any locking mechanism on either side of the door; commonly used for interior hall or closet doors. They can also be used for bedroom, bathroom, garage doors and at other essential parts of the house where applicable.

Choosing Emtek door hardware is the start of a grand style that can be carried throughout the home with coordinating interior hardware. Craftwood products gives you the options of selecting Emtek passage privacy levers, privacy door lever, privacy lever set designed with a combinational mindset of decor, safety and functionality which are available in our stores. The concerns of Homeowners, designers, real estate investor which are flexibility and efficiency of the levers have been met in the design of Emtek passage privacy levers.